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Soft Skills That Get You Noticed By Employers

When you’re competing for a job, more than your education and experience are taken into consideration – employers also look at the soft skills you bring to the table even for contract jobs in Toronto.


In today’s job market, employers may receive hundreds of resumes from people who all have the credentials to do the work. That’s why it’s important to provide insight into your character and interpersonal skills.


Soft skills can be more challenging to define and present, but showcasing yours helps you stand out. As opposed to hard skills (such as computer program certification, or being fluent in a second language), soft skills are more about how you behave.



The people who get the best references from past employers are those who demonstrate outstanding soft skills, such as:


1. Communication Skills


Employees who communicate well are highly valued by managers. Effective communication includes active listening, being able to read nonverbal communication, succinct writing and good public speaking skills.


Feature communication skills on your resume by including personal examples, such as reports you’ve written, meetings you facilitated, and team-building projects you’ve collaborated on.


2. Work Ethic


If you can showcase a strong work ethic, you’ll automatically be an attractive candidate. Companies need employees who are dedicated, dependable, motivated and always on time, and who have good time management skills. You can highlight your work ethic on your resume by using keyword phrases like “self-direction,” “self-monitoring,” and “meets and exceeds deadlines.”


3. Problem-Solving Skills


When a problem arises, work can grind to a halt, and no company wants that to happen. It’s a huge asset to have employees who can think logically and come up with a solution quickly,


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